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About Tom Hyland

I was artistically capable and enthusiastic from my first days in school. While creatively decorating multiple school events, I spent my senior year in high school working part time in a neon sign shop in Roswell, New Mexico. After only one year of employment I escaped that scene and have been on my own ever since. This was 51 years ago... since summer of 1973! I have created signs everywhere I've lived...  Roswell, Boulder, Ruidoso, Albuquerque... and Santa Fe... where I've lived exclusively the past 35 years. I have designed most of the signs you see here. All of them are hand painted, hand carved, sandblasted or simply flat lettered. If they are illuminated it is with a lamp shining upon it. I do not make metal cans and the self-illuminated plastic signs they display.  The very first object your customer will encounter is your sign, which is your signature upon your livelihood. I can assist you in conveying to the public your first and foremost impression... excellence. 

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